Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 11/4/2008

Hooray! It is Finally Over!
from The Daily Scream by Dan nice to actually watch a few minutes of TV without annoying election ads. I bet Liddy Dole is regretting her decision to use the most repulsive attack ad ever crafted. No doubt it single-handedly derailed any hope she had of returning to Washington for a second term. Maybe we really will see some change in the politics as usual club...wouldn't that be a treat?

Went to vote this afternoon and was surprised by the very light turn-out. I guess everyone really did get into the whole early voting routine. Now we just need to develop a way to vote that isn't tantamount to a second grade popularity contest organized by the class clown. Paper ballots and coloring in little ovals in 2008 is beyond absurd. Give me one legitimate reason we stopped using the good old voting booth.

As I was traveling home from voting...I came across this fellow. Guess it was an omen. ;)

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