Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 11/12/2008

Affordable Healthcare
from The Daily Scream by Dan
Will it ever happen? Are we going to see the day when every American can just go to the doctor of their choice when they need and not have to worry about starving for months to pay the bill?

Until someone in Congress finally has the balls to take definitive action, it will never happen. The first step to affordable healthcare in this country begins with capping these ridiculous awards for "damage" stemming from "malpractice". Sure, doctors screw up, nurses screw up, technicians screw up...anyone involved in the medical practice can screw up. Let's face it, we need to be realistic, a misdiagnosed hangnail is not worth 5 million dollars. We also need to become aware of the limitations of modern medicine. Just because we have the ability to keep a baby born with half a heart alive...are we doing the right thing? Spending millions and millions of dollars to prolong a life that is only going to be filled with suffering doesn't seem all that rational to me.

I'm not advocating playing God...we already have him to take care of that work. What I am advocating is providing comfort care for those folks that have no reasonable expectation of a realistic quality of life. Sometimes just letting nature take its course is the most humane course of action. Think about it, would you wish to spend the rest of your days in screaming agony, hooked to some machine that will keep you alive, just because it is possible to keep you alive...not because there is ever any hope of your recovery?

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, but until we have effective tort reform, we will never see affordable healthcare. We are never going to see an answer to this until we quit sending lawyers to Washington to represent us. There isn't one of those blood-suckers going that would risk taking a penny from his own pocket...and let's face it...who gets rich off these lawsuits? Only the lawyers.

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