Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/6/2008

Monday Musings
from The Daily Scream by Dan
The stock market took a nose dive today...based on news from overseas. Sometimes having readily accessible media isn't such a good thing. I the past, there wasn't instant worldwide coverage of news and the markets were nowhere near as volatile. By the time the American market reacted to trouble in Europe or Asia, those markets had already recovered and vice versa.

I suspect the media is also partly to blame for the increase to school violence. When it took 3 days for the people in NY to hear about an event in lost some of the glamor and punch. Also, by the time the story reached the more remote outlets it had been tempered considerably...and all the glitz and gleam were washed away. Instead people just saw the tragedy for what it was...a horrible moment in time, not the glorification of some loser seeking to make a name for himself the easy way.
How about some fall flahrs to brighten up a gloomy news day? Flahrs? What the heck are flahrs? I have to give credit to that to a drunken resident of a community treatment home just up the street from my old home in West Asheville. He stopped by the house one day...wanting to collect money for "flahrs" for old lady Battleaxe to commemorate her passing. Only trouble is....she isn't dead. I suppose it seemed logical to a drunk.

BTW...the Red Sox moved on in the play-offs. Dare I hope for a Boston-Philly Series?

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