Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/3/2008

Thursday Thrashings
from The Daily Scream by Dan
Am I the only person that is totally annoyed by negative campaign ads? I swear, they just make me want to smack the boob that dreamed them up.

Almost as annoying as the negative ads is the latest trend of having people in commercials talk like they had just been harpooned. That pained, gasping speak is right up there with dragging fingernails across a blackboard!

In 1979, I owned a Ford f-150 pickup that routinely got 28-30mph....2 wheel drive with a 302 V-8 and overdrive. My last pickup was a 2003 Ford Ranger....on a good day it got 17 mpg....from a rompin', stompin' little 4-cylinder. And American auto manufacturers wonder why their business sucks.

How about that gas crisis in the Southeast US? The lies are simply amazing. I sure hope we never have a true national one could respond because the gas all evaporates when there is even a threat. I suppose it could have something to do with the southerners tendencies to hoard things. Anyone ever seen what happens if the weatherman mentions snow? You won't find a loaf of bread, a gallon of milk or a roll of toilet paper. Makes you wonder what these people do when the storm comes...then again...maybe we don't want to know.

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