Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/3/2008

Tuesday's Trash
from The Daily Scream by Dan
When I went to bed last night, I was sure that I lived in the United States. But when I woke up this morning, it would appear that I have somehow moved to Israel. Why else would the Congress of this country be taking the day off in the middle of a national crisis to celebrate Jewish New Year? Yes...the Constitution of the United States guarantees freedom of religion...but nowhere does it say that our Congress is granted the right to celebrate non-traditional holidays. What are these fools thinking? It is understandable for the members of the Jewish faith to celebrate the day, but it sets a very poor precedent when the other members decide to blow the day off as well. What's next? A recess for Canadian Thanksgiving? Bastille Day?

Many Americans are wondering if we are teetering on the brink of the next Great Depression. Our elected officials would rather spend the day playing grab ass at the beach, instead of worrying about the concerns of the American public. How many of these clowns are up for re-election and just how many of them are going to get voted back in? Perhaps it is time for Joe Average to get off his ass and scream a bit...particularly at the voting booth. Time for a change. Time to take back the government that supposedly is by the people, for the people.

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