Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/3/2008

Friday Fumigation
from The Daily Scream by Dan
Much ado is being made about Governor Palin's lack of experience. Has anyone bothered to make note that Senator Obama is equally inexperienced. The big difference? One is a Presidential candidate and one is a VP candidate. I think I am a whole lot more concerned about a greenhorn with his finger on the trigger, than I am about one with a supporting role. The VP can gain a whole lot of experience in office without directly harming the nation....the same can't be said for the President.

The elections are still over a month away and the negative ads are coming to a fever pitch. Sure am glad the TV remote features a mute button. I want a TV that automatically cuts the sound off when commercials come on.

Anyone following the Wachovia/Citi/Wells Fargo saga? I think it is wonderful that there is some competition for my bank. I also find it pretty funny that Citi is screaming that since they made the first offer, it has to be honored. Wachovia has a responsibility to their customers to make the best deal possible. Certainly an offer for seven times what Citi was offering merits serious consideration.

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