Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/28/2008

Yesterday, Today and Maybe Tomorrow
from The Daily Scream by Dan
I got an email today asking if I was really one of those crazies that thinks that guns should be banned...Let me set the record straight right now...I believe in gun ownership, I own guns and I love to shoot. That said, yesterday was really about extremism, not about guns. You don't need an AK-47 or an AR-15 to hunt pheasants, I have a lovely 16 gauge Spanish double-barrel that is my favorite bird gun...for pheasants, grouse or quail. The Republican party has taken up the NRA line that if you restrict any gun, you restrict all guns. Bull...pure and simple...bull. Show me a legitimate reason for a homeowner to have an Uzi...or teflon coated bullets. Should a regulated, licensed, insured gun club with a legitimate armory have access to such weaponry? Why not? If they have a place to shoot it safely, if they have a place to secure it at the end of the day so that some nut job can't just walk off with it...perhaps that is an idea to consider.

The Republicans don't have a lock on being nut jobs. I really wonder why it is that the Democrats are so afraid of instituting a national ID program of any sort. You know, if there was a face attached to your fingerprints, attached to your Social Security number, attached to your driver's license, attached to your checking account and any other business you have....there would be far less chance of identity theft. It would be far easier to conduct a census, it would certainly make it clear who was and wasn't in this country legally. Why is it so important to allow people to conceal their identities? If you had to identify yourself, voter fraud would be out the window! Is the Chicago political machine that strong? Certainly it is no secret that they have made sport of having folks that have been dead for decades vote on a regular basis.

Today marked a departure from the norm for the media. I actually heard a couple of apologies for the way they have given Obama the kid glove treatment while ripping Hillary Clinton and later both John McCain and Sarah Palin. I guess they finally realized the Sarah clothing issue was absurd. Now about that experience issue...just exactly what leadership experience does Obama have? None? Imagine that...better vote for him. (for the web savvy...this is where I would normally insert that rolling eyes smiley!)

We have a rather heated battle for the Senate here in NC...on one hand we have Liddy Dole...who has managed to do a grand total of nothing during her tenure in the Senate. Ranked 93rd in overall effectiveness....there is something to brag about. The sad part is that Kay Hagan doesn't exactly have a real shining record either. Should be interesting to see how it all plays out. Should the Republicans lose this could mark a major shift of power in the Senate...virtually assuring the Dems have the ability to override any Presidential veto.

Tomorrow should bring an improvement in the weather...the World Series can resume...and maybe I can go snap a fresh photo or two.

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