Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/27/2008

Extremism: the Death of Freedom?
from The Daily Scream by Dan

One word...Why? Why is it that we have lost all sense of reason? Life isn't black and white...and there is no reason that politics should or even need to be. You can't hunt pheasants with an AK-47. You can't expect a 14 year old rape victim to bear her father's child. You can't believe that throwing money at foreign nations is going to make them adore us.

Perhaps you are asking why I called this condition the death of freedom...well, the answer is very simple. When you have no choice in an election...when there is no candidate that serves to protect your have no freedom. You have become a slave to the machine. It is scary to think that fruitcakes like Nancy Pelosi are actually serving in positions of power in the US. George Bush is proof positive that a complete moron can be elected President of the most powerful nation on earth today. Again, you ask why....

The answer is still pretty simple, as big of an ass as George Bush is, he isn't quite as stupid as Al (I invented the internet) Gore or John (if it weren't for the ketchup, I wouldn't be running) Kerry. Look at the choices for the top office this fool would like you to believe that you will like his tax cut that gives you back $800 a year...only catch being that it is funded by $2000 a year in new taxes. He is the same guy that thinks we can just put the whole country on the Federal payroll, that should solve all the problems. Lenin and Marx? Nah...Obama and Biden. Then we have the nut job opponent that thinks medical research should be banned, you need that AK-47 and it is perfectly ok to impregnate your own children.

How in the hell can you vote for any of these clowns? Time to wake up people...we need some rules and we need some qualified candidates. Election day draws near and even if you aren't satisfied with your take the time to vote for the best option...whatever you may feel that is. Don't give up your vote just because you are frustrated.

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