Sunday, January 25, 2009


Simple one word title, crazy deep implications. I am thoroughly perplexed by Iranian fascination with my blog, my websites and my various social networking pages. I don't take pictures of potential terrorist targets. I have no affiliation with any government or government agency. I am not a lobbyist, nor am I connected to any particular politician. I live out in the middle of nowhere....where a terror attack is primarily going to scare some cows.

So, what in the hell is the fascination? I can't see that the average Iranian would have any burning desire to get into the world of a small town American. There certainly isn't any intrigue or mystery in my corner of the world.

Oh darn...I think I just figured it out. These clowns think my basement was Dick Cheney's undisclosed location....Guess again. I can also assure you that it won't be Joe Biden's undisclosed location either....Sarah Palin might have gotten an invite, but she wouldn't have been able to see Russia from here.

I know that someone will do I know that my various elements of web presence are being viewed by Iranians? The answer is very simple. You can't see it, but each and every page that I have includes some form of tracking device so that I can see what is popular or not, as well as who it is or isn't popular with. So regardless if you are in Boring, Oregon or Santiago, Chile...even Tehran, Iran, I have some idea who is checking me out.


  1. At least you know who is reading your blog from Boring, OR


  2. That I do...and Boring does show up from time to time!

  3. Maybe the average Iranian is just interested in America. I have read that our movies are very popular over there...

    OTOH - does the average Iranian have much access to the internet? They do censor the internet there - too much western influence.


  4. Most of the visits are from Tehran, but there are also several from Yazd and Semnan. Since we have no presence there, it is hard to judge what kind of access they have to the internet. I would suspect what they have is highly censored and that the visits here are probably from their military or intelligence community.

  5. this is interesting -

    Particularly the censorship bit - most of which is aimed at keeping porn off the internet, also athiesm.

    Seems that with the tv and print media being controlled by the govt, Iranians consider the internet their best source of info.
    I don't think it's out of the question that your visitors could be just average citizens.

    Or maybe the intelligence services there use keywords like "israel" - that could account for some interest in your blog...