Thursday, April 22, 2010

What's Wrong With This Picture?

On a daily basis, lifelong citizens of the United States and specifically residents of North Carolina line up at the DMV office to get a driver's license. Without fail, they are subjected to abuse and humiliation at the hands of the DMV staff....a barrage of foolish questions, a list of absurd requirements longer than the average giraffe's neck. Birth certificate, Social Security card, your last 86 utility bills, your mail for the past month, notarized statements from 10 relatives and 50 strangers that you are exactly who you claim to be are all going to be needed before the clerk will even look at your application.

Standing in the line next to you is a very nervous young man, whispering to his companion in muted Spanish...."I've only been in America for 12 hours, will they really give me papers?" "Don't worry" mumbles his friend in broken English, "they don't even question people that are obviously Mexican."

The lifelong NC resident is sent home for additional documentation. The illegal Mexican immigrant is handed a driver's license and voter registration card. The DMV clerk says to the illegal in perfect non-English...."Early voting has begun, if you need transportation or help getting to your voting place, just call the number on this card." ??????????????????????????????????

Are you kidding me?

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  1. Same here in Hendersonville as well!