Monday, February 22, 2010

The Latest Politically Correct Insanity

Friday morning has come and gone. Tiger has issued an apology to the world, but the burning question remains....WHY? Whatever his foibles, whatever his transgressions, they have no bearing nor do they concern you, me or anyone beyond his family and the families of the other people involved. Perhaps his corporate sponsors feel they are due one...perhaps even rightfully so, but that could easily have been done in private, beyond the prying eyes of the world.

Tiger Woods is a man, nothing more, nothing less. He isn't a god, he isn't the President of the United States, he is simply an individual that plays golf and plays it extremely well. Unfortunately, much of the world seems to have lost track of this very important perspective. If Tiger has a bad day, makes a mistake or even fails to win....the world is not going to go to war, Armageddon is not going to be triggered, nor is life as we know it going to end.

Honestly, can any of you say you slept better Friday night in light of Tiger's public humiliation?

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  1. Professional sports figures (and politicians) have no credibility left anymore. It seems every time one seems to be a fine upstanding citizen, there is a subsequent fall from grace. I'll bet it's the same for all these Olympic athletes that have been so canonized the past two weeks...