Thursday, September 17, 2009

Health Care, Education and other Federal Benefits for Illegal Aliens

I find it very interesting that people keep using the same lame argument, "your parents and grandparents came from somewhere" when the subject of dealing with benefits for illegal aliens comes up. The vast majority of Americans can trace their ancestors back several generations and in most cases can show that their ancestors came to America legally...they sought permission to enter this country and become citizens. More importantly, they didn't expect the government to hand them a new life on a silver platter.

Since the ultra-liberals want to keep using our grandparents as an example, let's take a look at the facts. There was no government health care plan in those days. You paid the doctor. There was no student aid or subsidized education, you attended public school as long as your family could afford to have you not bringing in an income, then you went to work until you could afford to go on to school, which in the case of most people of that era was never. When you wanted to get a job, a driver's license or anything else that required an application....the form was in English and you either learned enough English to get by or you did without. We didn't print forms in German, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese or any other language. If you wanted to be an American, you learned the American way and adopted it...not a complicated concept. While we are on the subject, what about all the people that can trace their roots back to Native Americans? I suppose they don't deserve any rights because they have been here too long.

Seriously, why do we now cater to people that refuse to learn our language, our laws or our way of life? Why is someone that comes to our country illegally entitled to more rights and benefits than a citizen? What next? Are we going to take the alleged terrorists that are currently detained in Guantanamo and set them up in a Holiday Inn? Maybe we should give them flying lessons while we are at it. It is time to wake up, to speak up and to stand up for what is right, what is fair and what we can afford.