Sunday, January 11, 2009

Is Football Fixed?

Let me preface this post...I am just a casual football fan. I don't live or die by who wins or loses each week. I don't play fantasy leagues. I am more appreciative of good players than of good teams. That said, I do have a couple of teams that I would have to say qualify as favorites.

So, three of the four playoff games for this weekend are complete. We are already assured of having a Stupor Bowl. Philadelphia playing Arizona for the NFC championship? No way in hell....something isn't adding up. The two best teams in the NFC just played like they were really first year high school teams. I don't mean they had an off day, I mean they played like they had never even seen a football before. I don't think I have ever seen such pathetic play in the nearly 50 years that I have been watching the game.

Well then, since one half of the league did so poorly, one would have to expect the cream had floated to the top of the other. Guess again, that is not the case. The two top teams here have also been eliminated early, one last week and the second yesterday. There is no way in hell that San Diego or Baltimore could have legitimately beaten the Colts and the Titans.

Regardless of who wins from this point out, the NFL has lost all credibility. One Cinderella story a season might be possible...but there is no way that every single good team loses to a bunch of second rate, no-talent hacks. Hell, anyone that even thinks that San Diego or Pittsburgh deserves to be playing is delusional. I don't think I need to waste any more time watching the NFL...the bets are in, the games are fixed. This is just a shame.