Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing in action

My post from Saturday has become part of the great vaporsphere. Unfortunately, I didn't save a draft and I can't find it via the cache may still surface, but I can certainly replicate the gist of it here.

Essentially, the post was just to let local readers know of today's planned protest at the local Denny's, where our local boob plans to make yet another statement in an effort to prolong her 15 minutes of fame.

With that background info in hand, suffice it to say that the big protest today was effectively a bust...hehehe There were a few that showed up...but once again the main focus was on our main boob. Dressed in bright red to be sure and draw more attention, she made a big production of nursing her overly large child in the parking lot....all the while complaining that Denny's owed her a huge apology for her outlandish behavior.

There was one fair well spoken young lady from South Carolina that presented some statistics on breast feeding from her county in South Carolina. To be honest, I am not sure what breastfeeding statistics from a neighboring state have to do with a controversy over an Asheville woman choosing to make a natural act into some sort of lewd spectacle, but nonetheless, the facts were presented for those in attendance to digest. The manager for Denny's explained that they have no policy prohibiting breastfeeding, they simply ask that any customer that is causing a disturbance or interfering with other patrons rights either act in a civilized manner or take their show elsewhere.

One can only hope that sooner or later this woman will just dry up and blow away. Maybe she can take her show on the road. That might be just the ticket for prolonging her time in the spotlight. She can make an ass of herself in some other town and Asheville can go back to being just plan Asheville, instead of the butt of every cheap tit joke going.

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