Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 12/24/2008

APD Gives a Christmas Gift to the Parking Public
from The Daily Scream by Dan
It has only taken 8+ years for something to be done, but finally the Asheville Police Department has given an early Christmas gift to folks that park in downtown. After years of complaints of predatory towing, APD finally decided to attempt a sting didn't take long.

How sad is it that these sleaze balls would rig payment boxes to make it appear that customers hadn't paid...all so they could haul off the car and then charge exorbitant fees for the (questionably) safe return of the vehicle. How many visitors and even locals have been scammed? This gives the whole city a black eye.

APD...don't stop now. Based on the complaints, you have only touched the tip of the is time to put a stop to this nonsense and regain a small measure of justice for those folks that have been ripped off.

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