Thursday, January 22, 2009

Originally Posted 10/16/2008

Politics as Usual...and an Anniversary too.
from The Daily Scream by Dan
Another day...another lie...can't we hurry this election along? The negative ads are a sure way to get me to vote for your opponent. If you both start slinging mud...then perhaps it is time to write in someone that just wants to do the job. The latest lie pertains to the southeast gas crisis. There are still only about half the gas stations that actually have gas...I seriously have to wonder what they have stockpiled in all those tank farms scattered around the region. You are going to play hell convincing me that those are all bone dry.

Spent Monday night celebrating the anniversary with my lovely wife. Whipped up a special dinner...Steaks (bacon-wrapped Fillet Mignon for her, a slab of prime rib for me), baked potatoes with sour cream, fresh sauteed mushrooms with onion and garlic and of course, the requisite shrimp cocktail. Hard to believe it has been a year both married and in the new house. Jan surprised me with a fabric art project she has been slaving over....a portrait of me. I have to is pretty impressive. Time to celebrate...the Phillies are headed to the Series!!! Now all we need is for the Red Sox to bounce back and win the American League play-offs.

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