Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blog Gone

I have removed this blog for personal reasons. It may or may not return.

1-4-2009 UPDATE....Seems my removing this blog has caused some concern. I can't restore the original posts, because I got so damn mad I deleted them. Seems that I had the audacity to share my view that Israel is at least partially responsible for the problems in the Middle East. Someone took enough offense that they felt it appropriate to make a threat. They didn't have the courage to do so publicly, but instead chose to take a cowardly stab.


  1. How sad. We have often had great conversations that are a result of this blog or become part of this blog. Just because you don't get comments doesn't mean you don't have people lurking and reading. I think you should continue.

  2. Don't let the cowards get you down, Dan! Anyone can hide behind an anonymous blog comment... ;)

  3. Thanks was just a chickenshit email from a disposable address. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.